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Garage Rim Straightener

Garage Rim Straightener

Product Code: MACHEQ-G-M4911005

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Garage Rim Straightener

Rim Straightening machine for normal & heavy load tyre shops.It adopts heavy duty reduction gear box with thrust bearings to take heavy starting force and eliminate the vibrations during the straightening operation offering 7 die, 14 Die & 20 DieRim Straightening Machine.
Main Features
With double dies at centre removes bend accurately.
Heavy damaged rims at corner can also be straitened accurately.
Die Attachment for 4â€Ã‚, 4½â€Ã‚, 5â€Ã‚, 5½â€Ã‚, 6â€Ã‚, 6½â€Ã‚ Rims.
Power : 220 V Ac Single Phase
Motor : 2 hp 1440 rpm.
Weight : Approx 250 kg.
Tools have to be changed for different sizes.

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