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Power Transmission Equipment

MachinesEquipments Manufacturers is one of the leading power transmission MachinesEquipments manufacturers in China,  Also electrical power transmission equipment suppliers and exporters from China. We provide power transmission Solutions to the Chinan industry and at international level. They provide power transmission devices at competitive rates. We have highly engineering expertise workforce to design equipment for your specific application.
Power transmission means converting the energy and using that energy may be in the form of electric energy or thermal energy. The power transmission devices are manufactured with agreement of international quality standards. They are reliable and consistent power transmission devices  suppliers all around the globe. These equipment are designed and praised for high productivity, long workloads and adaptability.
At MachinesEquipments Manufacturers we have complete range of standard Gear Boxes, Helical Gear Boxes, Extruder Gear Boxes, Belts, Chains, Couplings, Pulleys, Bevel Gears, Bearings, Linear Actuators, Worm Gears, Sprockets, Bushings, Slide Rails and various other tools.

Copper Winding Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer

Product Code: MACHEQ-P-M125001001 - (Copper Winding Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer)

Copper Winding Oil Immersed Power Distribution Transformer