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Sowing and Planting Equipment

MachinesEquipments for Sowing Seeds is a manually operated push type gadget for drilling of medium and intense size seeds, for example, maize, pigeon pea, soybean, sorghum, and bengal gram in decidedly ready seedbed. If you want to buy this machine at a competitive price and are looking for the best Sowing and Planting MachinesEquipments Manufacturers in China then you can rely on MachinesEquipments Manufacturers. Get Superior Quality Equipment from Leading Supplier
It consists of a pivoting drilling head with entering jaws, covering-cum-transport wheel, seed container with cell type wooden roller and a handle. Seed metering is cell type having six cells on periphery.The number of jaws shifts from five to eight contingent on seed to seed distance. You can expect the superior quality of Sowing and Planting equipment from the best supplier in China.
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For its activity, the container is loaded up with seeds and transport-cum-covering wheel is attracted to raise the side. The dibbler is then pushed forward toward movement with a covering cum transport wheel behind the drilling head. The jaws infiltrate into the dirt and consequently drop the seeds. The seed to seed distance relies on the size of the polygon plate to which jaws are joined. We being the top-notch exporter deliver these equipment in a timely manner.

Steel And Plastic Seed Sowing Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-A-M117001001 - (Steel And Plastic Seed Sowing Machine)

Steel And Plastic Seed Sowing Machine