Garage Tyre Changer

Garage Tyre Changer

Product Code: MACHEQ-G-M4911003

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Garage Tyre Changer

Movable vertical shaft fix for different size wheel to correct position easily and quickly and also not damage the tyre bead.
The max wheel size for this model could upto 30'' and also suitable for car,van .
The standard accessory includes the inflation device and bead blaster.
Tyre Diameter: 1150 mm
Clamping Capacity: 12''-24''
Motor Power: 0.9/1.1 kw
Motor Rotation: 1400/2800 r/min
Working oil Pressure: 8-12 Mpa
Working air Pressure: 0.7-0.8 Mpa
Bead Blast Pressure: 0.6-0.7 Mpa
Turntable speed: 6.8/13.6 rpm
Bead Breaker force: 2500 kg
Swing arm radius: 600 mm
Weight: 400 kg
Shaft longitidinal: 285 mm

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