Food Smoke House

Food Smoke House

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M3201023

Categories: Meat Processing Machine

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Food Smoke House

The smoke generator burns 3 -10 mm smoking chips. It is equipped with an electric ignition system.
The built-in temperature-sensor controls the temperature of combustion, and case of the chips catching fire,
it automatically activates the extinguish system
The operation of the smoke- generator is controlled by the microprocessor.
The machine is equipped with a micro processing controller that operates and controls the course of the technological process in the chamber.
It operates the functioning of flaps, the smoke-generator ignition and then selects operating levels of the smoke-generator.
It is possible to program
The temperature inside the product
The temperature inside the chamber
The humidity in the chamber and many others

TYPE     Length (mm)    Width (mm)    Height (mm)    Weight (kg)    Power (kW)
electric heating
I-trolley    1260-1290    1450-1500    2565-2750    600-900    25˜38
II-trolley     2325-3390    1470-1700    2360-2750    750-1100    46˜49
III-trolley    3380-4590    1470-1700    2360-2750    900-1200    68˜75
IV-trolley    2365-5790    1470-3000    2360-2750    1000-1300    90˜97