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Food Breading and Battering Machine

Food Breading and Battering Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M3201015

Categories: Meat Processing Machine

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Food Breading and Battering Machine

That layer generally consists of beaten eggs or a dairy product of some kind. The last layer gives the food texture. It can consist of a plain ground grain (like the flour or cornmeal in a traditional fried chicken, ground nuts, or any number of dry ground bread or bread-like products, such as bread crumbs, crackers, or breakfast cereals.
Useful width: 350 mm (to order this can be 400 mm).
Automatic bread feed.
Inverter for discharging bread.
Blower for excess liquid.
Mounted on 4 legs with stainless steel wheels.
Fully dismantlable for easy cleaning.
Made in stainless steel and non-toxic plastics (suitable for the meat industry).
30-litre top-mounted batter tank.
Batter agitator.
50-kilogramme top-mounted breadcrumbs tank.
Maximum robustness and durability.
Easy maintenance.
Can optionally be fitted a turbine to blow the breadcrumbs on the top side.

Usable Width: Up to 350mm
Speed: Variable: 9~15m / min
Production Capacity: 5000~12000 pcs / hour
Motor Power: 370watts
Voltage: 220V 50Hz
Weight: 200kg
Dimensions (W x D x H) mm: 1985*880*1640