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Food Automatic Vacuum Tumbler

Food Automatic Vacuum Tumbler

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M3201007

Categories: Meat Processing Machine

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Food Automatic Vacuum Tumbler

Directed against meat products in carry out marinating tumbling and kneading, and improve meat quality, so the meat is tenderized with distinctive result. Fast marinating time, avoid time consuming and laborious manual process by traditional marinating, and then raise production efficiency with improvement in product quality.

This vaccum tumbler imitates people massaging meat so that there is a tenderizing effect on meat as it increases its water retention property, and then improve product quality. Suitable for frozen food, sea food, Prepared food, Ready-to-cook product, Meat soaked food etc. It reduces the marinating time for meat and changes meat texture and then gains weight about 20% up. Tumbler and body of machine are made of stainless steels, sanitary and easy to clean. Comes with timer to set operate time.

It rolls meat for tender effect and efficient processing of season. It is suitable for pork, beef, chicken, fish or sea foods.

Function: tenderized meat and improve product quality.
Applied in pork, beef, lamb, chicken, duck, fish, seafood, bacon, cured meat, ham, patties, rib, wings, drumsticks, chicken thigh and so on.