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Food Fish De-Bone Machine

Food Fish De-Bone Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M3201006

Categories: Meat Processing Machine

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Food Fish De-Bone Machine

Made of stainless steels, the main function is to separate fish meat from fish bones, fish head, fish scale, as a professional meat ball or fish meat ball processing machinery.

This machine mainly to be used in processing fish product, function is separating the fish meat from fish bones. There are two models for choice, one is made of stainless steels completely another is cast iron with baked paint. Please provide the production you expect and we will advise the suitable machine to meet your need.


It can separate fish into pieces of meat and bones.


  • DH811-200
  • Power: 3HP
  • Production: 250~450kgs/ hr
  • DH811-350
  • Power: 10HP
  • Production: 600~800kgs/ hr
  • DH811-480
  • Power: 15HP
  • Production: 800~1000kgs/ hr
Applied in seafood, specially to separate the fish meat from fish head, fish scale, fish bones and so on.