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Food Screw-Type Slurry Pump

Food Screw-Type Slurry Pump

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9301008

Categories: Sanitary Pumps

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Food Screw-Type Slurry Pump

G type screw thick slurry pump is a kind of internal gear rotary volume concentrated slurry pump, when single screw rotor in the double spiral stator hole around the stator axis for planetary rotation, rotor must pay the son formed between airtight cavity is continuous, uniform, volume constant will medium from the suction side delivery to the output end. Screw thick pump may transport the viscosity as high as 1.000.000 CPS materials, allows the maximum particle of 20 mm solid particles.

ABB motor power: 2.2 Kw,
stainless steel casings,
Flow 5T/H
head of the 56 m