Food Rotor Pump

Food Rotor Pump

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9301005

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Food Rotor Pump

(1)The introduction of foreign advanced technology, the digestion and absorption, well-designed, developed from the similar products in the domestic leading position, because it not only has all the rotor pump (such as: gear pump, pump.)  Common, but also its unique characteristics of the transmission of high viscosity materials, so we call this pump colloid pump.

(2)The pump is a positive displacement pump, the flow can be more precise control can also be easily made variable pump. While the centrifugal pump output flow can not be controlled, portable resistance decreases; the pump has a strong self-priming ability, and centrifugal pump in the dynamic before the transfer must be filled with liquid. The pump speed is very low, generally between 200rmp to 600rmp, the material being transported is a smooth output of its components will not be damaged. The high speed of centrifugal pump, the material being transported by a strong impact and the role of centrifugal force, so the centrifugal pump in the delivery of the mixture is often the phenomenon of material composition, so that the quality of finished products. The pump is to solve this problem is the best choice, so it is particularly suitable for conveying the mixture or even the material containing solid particles.

Technical Parameters:
Product Type:
Displacement per 100r (L): 2
Recommended speed range (rpm): 200 ~ 500
Corresponding flow (L / H): 400 ~ 1000
Motor power (KW): 0.55