Food Incubation Room

Food Incubation Room

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Food Incubation Room

House structure:
The structure of the general use of insulation board (double-sided color steel, the middle plus insulation materials) assembled in the field, the room size are designed according to customer requirements. The whole room looks beautiful, solid structure, while easy to install, short construction period. In the room wall, according to the need to set the observation window, easy to observe the indoor product testing in the outdoors. In the wall is also equipped with different voltage socket to meet the needs of product testing.

Duct system:
Usually the heating fan and duct system installed in the roof, do not take up other space, the general air duct system by the circulating air system and overheating exhaust system, the indoor circulation through the heater after heating by the blower by the insulation duct back to the room, Repeat the cycle, so that the room temperature to maintain the set range. When the room temperature exceeds the alarm set value, the exhaust fan start, take away the indoor overheating gas, while the outdoor cold air into the room and hot air mixing, so that the room temperature back to normal.

Control System:
The control system of the fermentation bank is controlled by PLC through the program. The control system adopts the two-stage PID to adjust the heating quantity to realize the precise control of the room temperature. At the same time, the temperature controller can carry out real-time display of any six-point temperature in the room. Customers accurately grasp the room temperature situation. The control system also set a variety of protection functions, over-temperature alarm protection, fan failure alarm protection, no wind alarm protection, indoor smoke sensor alarm protection, and improve the protection function to ensure that the fermentation tank can be long-term stability and trouble-free operation.

Characteristics of Thermostatic Fermentation Library
1. Temperature control accuracy, high precision. As a result of the unique duct system design and electronic control system, to maintain a high degree of uniformity throughout the room temperature, much higher than similar products.
2. Room set a wide temperature range, continuously adjustable. (If the customer special requirements, you can design a higher temperature products).
3. Room multi-point temperature rolling display, monitoring accurate, clear (optional).
4. System protection is complete, to ensure long-term stability and trouble-free operation.
5. Beautiful appearance, easy construction, short construction period.



Note: The size and temperature control range of customized according to customer requirements, to meet customer requirements.

Temperature Range


Can be set

Internal material

Galvanized color steel or SUS304 stainless steel plate

External material

Galvanized color steel

Insulation materials

Hard polyurethane

Insulation thickness


Analytical precision


Control accuracy


Temperature deviation




Heating time

An average of 1 ~ 5 ℃ / minute

Cooling time

10 to 60 minutes

Series Noise

≦ 55 dB

Control system

Programmable: LCD color LCD controller or standard type: LED digital controller

Heating system

Special high-speed electric heaters

Circulatory system

Specially designed low noise, multi-wing circulating air system

Safety devices

Leakage power protection, load protection, over-temperature protection, fan overheat protection, sound and light alarm, etc.

Other accessories

Glass observation window, the test hole, smoke alarms, indoor lighting, temperature recorder (optional)

System power

AC 220/380(±10%)V,50HZ±0.5HZ

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