Food Air Dryer Machine

Food Air Dryer Machine

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Food Air Dryer Machine

Special set of rear cooling and pre-cooling, can be connected directly to the high temperature of 80 ° C or less compressed air.
Refrigerant compressor is equipped with high-performance, high-powered, fully pre-cooling refrigeration, a large amount of 30% than similar products to deal with the wind, dew point temperature stability.
The super design centrifugal and set streaming dual water separator watershed high efficiency.
Easy to use, consumption, low operating costs, reliable and continuous operation.

Pressure Mpa Inlet Temp ℃ Capacity Nm3/min Power HP Power supply and voltage V/Ph/Hz Inlet and outlet size Cooling type
1.0-10.0 ≤80 1-1.6m3 1 220/1/50 Rc3/4 " air cooling
2-2.6m3 1.1 Rc1"
3-3.8m3 1.25 Rc11/2"
4.5-5.2m3 1.65 Rc11/2"
6-7m3 1.8 Rc11/2"
8-9m3 2.3 Rc11/2"
10-11m3 2.45 Rc11/2"
13-14m3 3 Rc2" air cooling and water cooling
15-16m3 3.6 380/3/50 Rc2"
20-22m3 3.6 DN65Flange
25-28m3 4.75 DN65Flange
30-33m3 5.75 DN65Flange
40-45m3 6.9 DN80Flange
50-55m3 8.5 DN80Flange

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