Food Inclined Slat Conveyor

Food Inclined Slat Conveyor

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9601015

Categories: Labeling and Packing Machines

Tags: Food Inclined Slat Conveyor


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Food Inclined Slat Conveyor

Surface    Polished
Frequency (Hertz)    50 Hz
Material    Aluminium
Working Temp    80 temp
Voltage    220 V
Load Capacity    50 kg/m

The manual mark distributor like InclinedSlat Conveyor by Siddhi Vinayak Engineering is utilized to hold the move of names and to give support in pulling the sponsorship from the name. This sort of hand held mark instruments are perfect for monotonous naming of boxes and packs. For marginally less volume of creation, the self-loader mark allocator is utilized. Here the mark is connected mechanically while the thing to be named is put in the machine physically. Programmed marking machines are utilized for high unit generation where the entire procedure would be mechanized. The machine is associated with the generation line of items or bundles where the item specifically achieves the machine.