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Food Automatic Plane and Plate Top Sticker Labeling Machine

Food Automatic Plane and Plate Top Sticker Labeling Machine


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Food Automatic Plane and Plate Top Sticker Labeling Machine

Direction of Movement    Left to Right
Output Min    Up to 100 - 200 - 300
Power Supply    1 Phase,230V,50Hz AC Supply
Drive System    Built in AC Freq

unique model is suitable for applying label on multiple side of pouch, carton or any various sizes of small containers. The is especially designed for surface labeling operation with versatility & user friendly. Advance technology label dispenser system synchronizes all the labeler components, allowing the speed to be regulated with a single point and maintaining precise labeling even during start-up, stopping or slow down stages, synchronized with the entire line. Container feed into the stacker, in feed system takes container from the stacker and moves on the conveyor, a sensor is detects the container as it comes down to conveyor and sticking the label at the proper position and time. To change the Labeling speed online with the help of single speed pot provided on control panel. You can incorporate with assembly line or other packing line to get a high efficiency. The unique system creates smooth label application operation and helps in achieve high speeds.

Silent Features:

  • S.S. 304 construction including main machine frame.
  • PVC belt conveyor.
  • Automatic stacker unit for auto feeding the container.
  • Very smooth and high speed of operation.
  • Online speed can be vary at single point.
  • Accurate label placement.
  • Vibration free label roll opening unit.
  • Built in product counter.
  • Suitable for pouch, small size of boxes or container.

Optional Features:


  • Label Roll Empty : Machine stop with alarm.
  • Tower light :Indicate the status of process.
  • Online printer.
  • Online inspection of printing and batch no.
  • Servomotor instead of stepper motor - for high speed applicatio