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Food Grape Beverage Processing Plant

Food Grape Beverage Processing Plant

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Food Grape Beverage Processing Plant

We import the most advanced technology from Italy, Europe and America, combine with the investment characteristics of Chinese mainland, and form brilliant technical program for grape processing line. Customized design is available based on the investment and actual production situations of enterprises, realize real turn-key project for customer. We are committed to developing innovative equipment to improve the entire operating efficiency, decrease downtime period due to maintenance and reduce capital investment greatly.

Siprem international has decades of experience in the world's top wine producing regions.That Now Siprem has developed the vacuum press is  a positive innovation in pressing technology. The patented new vacuum pressing system extracts must of a quality quite unachiev-able by traditional systems. Siprem has abandoned the traditional idea of squeezing the must out grapes.Instead the new system uses a vacuum to extract the must and trough similar in appearance to traditional membrane presses,establishes new criteria for quality and processing efficiency which make other techniques obsolete.

Features of Grape Beverage Processing Line
* Instant separation of high percentages of must during the loading stage.
* Improved must quality thanks to extremely low operating pressures(not above 0,7~0,9 atm,and never above atmospheric pressure).
* Greater operational simplicity and total elimination of costs for additional plant such as compressors,air reserve lines,etc.
* Significantly reduced installed power requirements compared to other pressing systems.
* Possibility of inspecting the membrane even during pressing.
* Possibility to process automatically in enviroments saturated with inert gas.
* Possibility to carry out carbonic maceration and cryomaceration.
* Minimistion of pressing times with clear advantages in must quality.

Raw material

Fresh grape

Finished product

Concentrated juice or clear juice


10 tons / day -1500 tons / day

Juice yield


Initial sugar content


Terminal sugar content


Fresh grape: juice =8:1
Concentrated juice: condensed juice =5:1

Product packaging

Aseptic bag / TiN / glass bottle /PET bottle


Customized according to customer requirements