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Yogurt Processing Plant Equipments

Yogurt Processing Plant Equipments

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M10001001

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Yogurt Processing Plant Equipments

The pretreatment of the milk is the same, regardless of whether set or stirred yoghurt is to be produced. It includes standardization of the fat and dry matter contents, heat treatment and homogenization. It is assumed that the milk has been standardized to the required fat content before entering the line and standardization of the dry matter content takes place in an evaporator in the yogurt machine. If the dry matter content is adjusted by addition of milk powder, the equipment used is similar to that described under “Recombined milk”. Any additives, such as stabilizers, vitamins, etc., can be metered into the milk before the heat treatment. When the yoghurt milk has been pretreated and cooled to inoculation temperature, the procedure for further treatment depends on whether set, stirred, drink, frozen or concentrated yoghurt is to be produced. The quality of the yoghurt in terms of texture and flavour is essential.

The complete yogurt production line including
1.Water Treatment section:
2.Milk Receiving or Powder Dissolving Section
3. Preparation Section
4.Sterilization Section
5.Fermentation Section
6.Yogurt Filling & Packaging Section
7.CIP Cleaning Section
10. Steam Boiler
11.Cooling or Incubation Room
12. Installation Material