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Food Juice Processing Plant Equipments

Food Juice Processing Plant Equipments

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M10001008

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Food Juice Processing Plant Equipments

The fruit juice processing line taken various fresh fruit, juice concentrate, juice powder as main raw material, through washing, extraction, cooking, pulping, homogenization, degassing, sterilization and filling etc flow procedures, which can be manufactured into various fruit juice, flavor juice beverage.
High standard design, manufacture and project installation requirements, which guarantee the first-class finish products in various juice making machines.
PLC control the whole fresh fruit juice manufacturing plant, saving labor force and facilitate production management.
Full-auto CIP cleaning, to ensure whole fruit juice processing line equipments meet food sanitary safety requirements.

1. Water Treatment section:
2. Fresh Fruit Processing Section
3. Preparation section
4. Sterilization Section
5. Fruit Juice Filling & Packaging Section
6. CIP Cleaning Section
7. Chiller
8. Compressor
9. Steam boiler
10. Installation Material

Raw material

Various fruit juice, juice concentrate, juice powder


Fruit juice, juice beverage, etc


2T/D – 500T/D

Product package

Brick shape aseptic carton (like Tetra pack), gable top carton, plastic bag, Plastic cup, plastic bottle, glass bottle, can etc.