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Food Automatic Bottle Tilting Machine

Food Automatic Bottle Tilting Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M8901008

Categories: Sterilization system

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Food Automatic Bottle Tilting Machine

The sterilizer is newly designed on the basis of the same absorption technology produced in Japan's light industry. It is especially suitable for the second sterilization of dairy products, beverages and jelly. Parts of the contact packaging products are all made of SUS304 stainless steel, Plates and sprockets are made of a reasonable material.It has acid, alkali, anti-corrosion features.The water tank is heated by steam, the amount of steam is automatically controlled by the steam solenoid valve, and the hot water can be fully utilized.The machine has a reasonable design, manufacturing sophisticated, stable operation, beautiful and so on.

Technical Parameters:
Production capacity of 5T
Sterilization temperature <98
Sterilization time 10-35 minutes
Adjustable speed
Cooling temperature 20
Cooling time 10-25 minutes
Adjustable speed
Steam pressure 0.4Mpa
Chain with time 0.17-10m / min variable speed adjustment
Centrifugal fan 3KW
The competition weighs about 6000kg