Torque Multiplier

Torque Multiplier

Product Code: MACHEQ-A-M12001002

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Torque Multiplier

Truck bus wrench . This is revolutionary tool which one of the greatest innovation in the truck tyre market. This truck wrench tool can also be called a labour saving tool or energy preserving tool. This tool makes sure zero effort for the driver ,support staff and tyre fitter and saves considerable amount of time and efforts. This truck wrench is very very useful during onroad driving when divers had to fix punctures in rains and darkness and in difficulty conditions this tool come very handy during those difficult times. This truck tyre wrench is used manually without air or electricity. It uses gears which act as torque amplifier where in a 1 kg load is converted to 60kg.. This truck wrench is of robust designs and cones with all required accessories sockets.

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