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Tea Bag Packing Machine

Tea Bag Packing Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M2621001

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Tea Bag Packing Machine

The machine is mainly used for tea, herbal medicine, health tea, and other small particles inside and outside the bag one-time packaging.
Main Feature :
The machine is a new type of heat-sealed, multi-functional automatic tea bag packaging equipment. The main features of the machine is a forming inside and outside the bag, to avoid the direct contact with the staff and improve efficiency. Inside the bag  for the filter cotton paper, can be automatically with a label, the outer bag for the composite paper. The biggest advantage is that: labeling and outer bags can be used photoelectric positioning, packaging capacity, inner bags, bags, labels, etc. can be adjusted, according to the different needs of users to adjust the size of the inside and outside the bag in order to achieve the best Packaging effect, improve product appearance grade, so that product value.
Main Specification:
Packing Range: 1-8g/ pouch
Packing Speed: 30 ~ 60 bag/min
Roll outer diameter: £Φ350mm
Roll inner diameter: Φ76mm
Air pressure: ≥ 0.6Mpa
Power Supply: 1.4Kw(220V)
Machine Dimension: L830×W660×H1522(mm)
Machine Weight: 250kg