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Solar LED Street Light Manufacturers

Solar LED Street Light Manufacturers

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People are getting smarter; they understand the sustainable use of resources. Living in a world where we hear slogans of “save electricity, save earth”, we being premium solar street lights has taken a step towards making that slogan come true. With the Solar street light manufacturers, suppliers & exporters, it was very much possible to do so and provide the service worldwide. Using renewable sources of energy is an intelligent step towards the betterment of the globe. The solar driven LED street lights are compelling, efficient, and helpful to people when they are put up in gardens, main roads, and dimly lit streets. With the benefits of zero electricity usage, purer form of light, environment friendly, no presence of a radioactive substance, efficiently disposable quality, brighter illuminance, these LED solar street lights and LED lights are the perfect replacements for conventional lamps and fluorescent lights. We as solar street light manufacturers, suppliers & exporters made the installment and establishment process very convenient, drudgery free, no wiring and digging operations, making it a perfect choice for the users. With a long age of 10 years, these solar lights are ready to light up your worlds while working towards sustainable change at a very affordable price range. 

These Solar Driven LED Street Light produce powerful illumination and come with easy installation with no hassles of digging, laying down cable wires, establishing transformer distribution points etc. They are ideal for illumination in the main roads/areas of campuses, lighting up streets, gardens etc.

Benefits of Solar Lights:

  1. Significant cost savings in avoiding to lay down electrical wires, distribution points, employing labor and doing away with digging hassles.
  2. High durability of solar panels and LEDs. Both solar panels and LEDs last for more than 10 years. In comparison, the conventional sodium and CFL lamps typically require replacement at least once every year .
  3. Close to a month’s time saved in newly constructed places as a result of easy installation (feedback from builders).
  4. Zero electricity cost.
  5. 80% depreciation benefits.
  6. Environment friendly and easy disposal due to absence of harmful substances like mercury and lead.
  7. Less heat dissipation
  8. Higher color temperature of light (purer form of light)
  9. Carbon Credits and subsidies may be availed for large installations.

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