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Portable Steel Tilt Lift

Portable Steel Tilt Lift

Product Code: MACHEQ-A-M13001001

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Portable Steel Tilt Lift

Voltage    220V
Usage/Application    Servicing
Body Material    Stainless Steel
Lifting Time    50 Sec

This is basically a lift which when lifted makes the car turn seasaw and this helps the user the convinience to work either on front or rear of the car.it lift upto 510mm with best safety features vailable in the lift it can lift vehicle upto 3 ton either manually or with the help of a drill.
This lift uses most durable and light wieght material which makes it move anywhere in the workshop with help of wheels. it uses special gear system and special weldings that make it more strong to use. can be used in by any kind of auto workshop. tyre chops , denting painting shops etc.

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