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Handheld 3D Scanner

Handheld 3D Scanner

Product Code: MACHEQ-D-M4701001

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Handheld 3D Scanner

IR Sensor: 18-Preci image Guided Module(each side 6 for high stability and visibility
Communication: Wireless (RF-Radio Frequency)
Resolution X-asix: 1280 points/profile
Linearity (3 Sigma): +/-0.16% FSO
Z-Measurement Range Start End: 53mm/70mm/190mm , 78mm/120mm/290mm
X-Measurement Range Start End: 23.4mm/42mm/82mm , 29.1mm/58mm/120.8mm
Mid Measurement Range: Z:66mm/95mm/20.8mm
Laser Line Length: 25mm/50mm/100mm
Laser Class: 2M (Default),3R (optional)
Light Source: Blue and Red (Class II)
Speed: Upto 200 Hz
Aperture Angle Laser Time: 25
Surface: White to Black ,Dull to Shiny Surface
PC interface: Ethernet
Working Temperature Range: >16 C to <45 C
Transport: Specially Designed Protective Case
Usage: Reverse engineering, Quality Control, Automation, etc.

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