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Garage Workshop Nitrogen Inflators For Tyres

Garage Workshop Nitrogen Inflators For Tyres

Product Code: MACHEQ-G-M4901006

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Garage Workshop Nitrogen Inflators For Tyres

Nitrogen has been the choice for maintaining a consistent pressure in the tires. Our nitrogen gas generator, is an ideal addition to the automotive or tire shop as it is compact, uses minimal shop space, runs quiet and can be easily mounted. The system creates its own pure N2 from the air using an internal nitrogen generator and tire nitrogen generator and makes the gas readily available for tire filling on demand. Our nitrogen generators are equipped with an Automatic shut - off function.


  • 92% to 95% Pure Nitrogen Output
  • Instant Nitrogen Output No Waiting
  • Analog Filling Gun provided with the machine
  • Air IN Pressure Gauge
  • N2 OUT Pressure Gauge
  • Working Range 20 psi to 150 psi
  • Suitable for all types of Vehicle
  • Industrial grade quality hoses and fittings
  • Auto Shut Off when not in use
  • Smallest in size & Fastest in Nitrogen filling
  • For cars, bikes, LCV, HCV

Benefits to Vehicle:

  • Fuel saving up-to 10%
  • Smooth Handling
  • More Tyre Life
  • Less Pressure Loss
  • Enhanced Performances
  • Smoother vibration free ride
Weight 60kg
Switches Rocker
Power Source 220V AC
Height 4ft
Width 12 Inch
Timer 12 Inch
Pressure Control Automatic
Pressure Gauge 0-105 psi
Air Input Minimum 60 psi