Garage Diesel Smoke Meter

Garage Diesel Smoke Meter

Product Code: MACHEQ-G-M4991002

Categories: Garage Pollution Testing Equipments

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Garage Diesel Smoke Meter

Splitting structure, measurement and control unit, helpful and straightforward
Opacity and absorption coefficient, straightforward activity
LCD enormous screen display
Free acceleration experiments and embraces the transient measurement
function, and programmed preparing of test information and show measurements
Preheating 15 minutes and auto-focusing
Test unit embraces shunt procedure, test the diesel smoke level. Utilizing ”air drapery” method to secure optical system against pollution
RS232 interface, advantageous systems administration.
Gas temperature and engine speed optional configuration.
Measurement range: Dark lighting N:0-99.9%
Optical absorption coefficient K: 0-16.00m-1
Resolution: Opacity N: 0.1% Coefficient of light absorption K:0.01m-1
Indication Error: Opacity N: ±2.0% (absolute error)
Power: AC 220V; 50HZ
Weight: Test unit: 13.5Kg Control unit: 6kg
Volume: control unit: 610*500*330 mm Test unit: 500*300*33 0mm
Preheating time: 10 minutes

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