Food Vacuum Degasser

Food Vacuum Degasser

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M8801008

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Food Vacuum Degasser

Degasser is also called degassing pot, mainly used in degassing the fruit juice in vacuum to prevent the oxidization and turning brown, at the same time, removing the gas attaching to the suspended particulates, stopping the particles upping, improving the looking, reducing bubbles in high temperature sterilizing and filling ,and reducing the corrosion. Degasser can also be used in producing liquid milk ,and beverage contenting milk. Normally, vacuum degassing is after homogenizing, and sometime, is before filling.    
Main material: The surface of this machine in touch  with material adopts high quality of stainless steel, and sealing packing collar is made in eatable silica gel.

Processing capacity 1000L/H 2000L/H 3000L/H
Work vacuum 0.064-0.087 Mpa 0.064-0.087 Mpa 0.064-0.087 Mpa
Total Power 5.2 kw 6.2kw 7.3kw
Size 1035×750×2840 1135×780×3040 1185×800×3140
Weight 270 kg 350kg 450kg