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Food Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment

Food Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9601042

Categories: Labeling and Packing Machines

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Food Shrink Sleeve Labeling Equipment

A second alternative to spare space and increment computerization is a mono block bundling framework like Like a uniframe framework, the mono block will take into consideration more than one bundling capacity. Be that as it may, the mono block framework will position the diverse bundling parts around a star wheel to take into account computerized bundling in a littler impression than one would discover with an inline framework. For instance, a mono block framework may incorporate a dish to sort vials, drop them into position in the star wheel, then fill and top the vial as it moves around the star wheel.

Output / Hour*

100 BPM

200 BPM

300 BPM

Direction of Movement

Left to Right

Container size

28mm -125mm dia., 320mm Height Max.

Length of Sleeve

30mm - 250mm

Thickness of Sleeve

0.035mm - 0.13mm

Label material


Sleeve roll inner dia.

≥4” 101.6mm

Sleeve roll outer dia.

400mm Max.

Height of conveyor**

860-910 mm

Electrical rating

1.5KW-2KW, AC380V, 50/60HZ, 3- phase

Change Parts

(A) Center Pillar (B) Worm (C) Cutter