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Food Powder Filling Packing Machine

Food Powder Filling Packing Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M3301014

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Food Powder Filling Packing Machine

Powder filling packing machine suitable for all kinds of bottled, canned, bagged quantitative filling. The packaging machine pesticides, veterinary medicine, premix, additives, milk powder, starch, spices, enzymes, such as powder-feed quantitative packaging.

This machine adopts microcomputer control and hybrid Stepper Motor Drive Control technology. It is characterized by stable, reliable performance, high precision, and low noise. It can work in both constant volume and quantitative models. The control parts are composed of the main control panel, sensor, electrical control panel, power, operating keyboard, optoelectronic switch, level-control switch, and etc. The control panel is the control kernel. 

It can be used in quantitative packaging of powder materials and small granular materials, such as pesticides, veterinary medicine, feed, flour, additives, seasoning, and other industries.