Food Hand Held Coder

Food Hand Held Coder

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9801069

Categories: Bottle Filling and Batch Coding Machinery

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Food Hand Held Coder

Capacity    20 per minute
Print Speed    Friction Type
Color    Red
Material    Plastic

Non Porous Hand Held Coder  is an easy to use large character manual printer for in-house printing of Batch No., Product Name, Handling Instructions, LOGOs, etc. on plastic bags, barrels, etc. in place of Stencils or Screen Printing. The message to be printed is composed by push fitting the easily changeable grooved stereos on to the grooved ring drum. The inking system consists of a rechargeable ink cartridge & the stereos re-ink automatically as they pass below the cartridge. Maximum printing area is 95 mm X 300 mm. (Set inclusive of 1 Ink Cartridge, 1 Lit. Non-Porous Ink & 14 mm. Alphanumeric Character Set.) This coder is suitable for printing LOGOs & fixed information on plastic bags, barrels, etc.


  • Printing Area: 95 X 300 mm.
  • Prints using: Easily Changeable grooved rubber stereos (3 mm to 39 mm)
  • Inking Medium: Rechargeable high capacity non porous ink cartridge
  • Printing Medium: Porous / Non Porous ink (Black, Red, White*, Golden*, etc.)
  • Impressions: 1,000 per charge of 40 ml.