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Food Fish Scaler Machine

Food Fish Scaler Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M3201013

Categories: Meat Processing Machine

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Food Fish Scaler Machine

The fish scaling machine is safe in operation. It is security insulated and tested to 400 V and well protected from spray water. The motor has been tested and approved for continuous use. The appliance can be connected to a grounded or non-grounded wall socket. The shaft has four-fold protection, with two layers of steel, on of insulating compound and one layer of plastic.
The ball bearings in the scaling head are waterproof. All external parts are rustproof. The Scaler machine is safe in use and has a long service life.
The cover is made of polyacrylic plastic,
External Dimensions (WxDxH) 230x190x240mm
Motor 0.1kW
Weight 9kg