Food Automatic Cup and Tray Lid Sealer

Food Automatic Cup and Tray Lid Sealer

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9801062

Categories: Bottle Filling and Batch Coding Machinery

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Food Automatic Cup and Tray Lid Sealer

Packaging Type    Wooden Crate
Voltage    230 Vac
Seal Material    Polyethylene
Temperature    300 degree
Machine Type    Semi Automatic
Total Power    300 Watt
Power Supply    230 Vac

Automatic Cup & Tray Lid Sealer for sealing cups, trays, containers, etc. The container automatically travels inside the machine where the lid is cut & sealed over it from the roll & the sealed container then comes out with automatic advancement of sealing film. This is Ideal for Mineral Water, Shrikhand, Carry-Out Bowl products, Soups, Sweets & Hotel Lunch Packing of Glasses, trays, etc.

Products: Cupped Drink, Jelly, Pudding, Soy milk, Bean curd, Juice and Other types of liquid, Box noodles, cup noodles, soup, box lunches, Ice cubes, Silica gel (Granular and Solid), Potato chips, shrimp crackers, rice cracker snacks, corn puff snacks. Excellent for sealing carryout BOWL products such as noodles, ice products, rice, soup, beverages, etc. 

Production rate 400 – 500 cups per hour.
Power Consumption 220V AC / 400 W
Machine dimensions / weight 450 X 360 X 690 mm / 32 Kg