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Battery Garbage Loader

Battery Garbage Loader

Product Code: MACHEQ-G-L5901001

Categories: Garbage E-Loader

Tags: Battery Garbage Loader, Battery, Garbage Loader, Loader


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Battery Garbage Loader

Load Capacity: 400KG Approx.


Front: Lever Operated, Drum
Rear: Brake Paddle Operated, Drum
Parking: Mechanical Hand Lever Operated


Tyre: Lead Acids
Capacity: 100Ah - 135Ah

Tyre Size

Front: 3-12/ 90-90-12 / 3.75-12
Front: 3-12/ 90-90-12 / 3.75-12

Overall Dimensions

Length: 2770 MM
Width: 985 MM
Height: 1730 MM
Wheel Base: 2100 MM Ground Clearance: 200 MM


Maximum Gradability: ≤ 10 Turning Radius: 2.4 MTR
Speed: ≤ KMPH


Front: Telescopic Hydraulic Shockers
Rear: Double Movement Leaf Spring with Hydraulic Shockers


Capacity: 50A, 24 Mosfets
Voltage: 48W

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