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Army Telecscopic Manipulator

Army Telecscopic Manipulator

Product Code: MACHEQ-A-M1901021

Categories: Bomb Detection Equipments

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Army Telecscopic Manipulator

  • To lift hanging object from tree
  • To lift object under the vehicle
  • To lift object as light as egg, water bottles without breakege and deformaty
  • Breakaway claw
  • Telescopic arm
  • Water proof control unit
  • The EOD Manipulator is a remote handling tool designed particularly for use in IEDD operations. It provides the Bomb Technician with a means of reaching forward, to manipulate or pick up an object, with safety enhancing stand off from the device.
  • A battery powered Robotic Head and Manipulator enables the Bomb Technician to manipulate or pick up a
    suspected device or IED from 10 gm to 25 kg, At different pressure levels/selection, according to object.
  • The equipment is equipped with an electronic claw with adjustable orientation and variable claw speed when grasping and releasing a suspect device.
  • The curved claw attachment allow picking up curved or smooth objects such as bottles, pipe bombs and small ammunitions, gunny bag, briefcases & any suspected object.
  • The telescopic pole provided with a counter weight so as to enable easy handling by the operator.
  • The equipment is equipped with a strong and good quality adjustable shoulder strap of VELCRO so as to
    enable easy handling and carriage.