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Army Blast Inhibitors

Army Blast Inhibitors

Product Code: MACHEQ-A-M1801001

Categories: Bomb Blanket

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Army Blast Inhibitors

Bombs and other blast devices are increasingly being used by terrorists. They can cause great destruction of property and even loss of life. The blast inhibitor provides reliable pro­tection for people and buildings, saves lives and property. Just place our inhibitor on a suspicious object and it substantially obscures the object from all surrounding open places and kills blast energy.
Blast Inhibitors suppress destructive blast energy and makes it 10-15 times less.

  • Blast inhibitors are particularly adapted to be used for greatly decreasing many times the harmful destructive effects, blast pressure, fire threat, likelihood of injury to persons in the vicinity as well as decreasing the damage caused to property by an explosion
  • Operation temperature range from - 400c to + 600 c^® '
  • The blast inhibitor can be lifted manually or with the help of some special device for visual inpection of a suspicious object
  • Do not hinder X-ray inspection
Battery 18650
Power 7.5 v
Dimensions 60 cm X 60 cm
Range -400 c to 600 d c

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