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Agro Grain Pulverizer Machine

Agro Grain Pulverizer Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-A-M5211002

Categories: Agro Hammer Mill

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Agro Grain Pulverizer Machine

This product is mainly used for crushing and processing of grain, fodder, pharmaceutical, and light industrial raw materials.
It is used for grinding raw materials by large and medium livestock and feed mills. It can also be used for grass and pharmacy fine grinding.
The granular raw materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, etc can be grinded;
It is derived from tear circle type hammer mill and efficiency can be improved by 45%-90% comparing to universal hammer mill;
It can produce qualified aqua feed under full load with 0.81 screen and reduce jam significantly. Both coarse and fine grinding can be realized without changing screens;
The right aspiration can make materials go through screen quickly, reduce temperature of grinding chamber and increase output effectively.
The processed products are as follows:
Pellet feed: peanut hulls, rice chaff, blighted grain, secondary grains
Stalk feed: corn stalks, straw, bagasse
Lump feed: dried sweet potato chips, dried cassava chips, corn cobs, bran cakes
Processing of main grains: wheat, sorghum, corn, rice, etc.
Other processing: Chinese herbal medicine and raw materials for light industry

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