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Food Small Cashew Steam Boiler

Food Small Cashew Steam Boiler

Product Code: NUTP0007

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Food Small Cashew Steam Boiler

  • Model : electric and non electric
  • Heating : indirect pressurised steam heating.
  • Boiler Construction : single wall construction.
  • Chamber : made 8 mm thick gauge mild steel sheet duly painted with heat resistive paint. Totally leak proof, chamber prevents temperature losses.
  • Pressure : up to 7 kg
  • Features : built in pressure indicating gauge, Safety valves, ISI marked gate valve release valves and water drainage system.
  • Heaters industrial heaters 6 k.W. Available in 3 / 1 phase
  • Ash tray : ash collecting tray also provided at the bottom of the boiler.
  • Steamer Top cover : thick mild steel plate top cover with silicon rubber gasket sealing to prevent leakages. Heavy duty hinges & locking arrangement.
  • Steamer : 6 mm thickness ms plate rolled,double welded for maximum capacity of 80 kg of cashew kernels.
  • Bottom legs : at bottom rigid legs are provided to hold the boiler
  • Top loading : top loading arrangement for raw cashew inside the boiler.
  • Holding plate : cashew holding perforated sheet is fixed at the bottom above water level
  • Easy unloading : tapered down flap type opening provided for Unloading boiled cashew nuts.
  • Safety measures: Boiler chambers are hydraulically tested for 20 psi
  • Dial type pressure indicator will be provided.
  • Spring loaded mechanical safety valve will be provided.
  • Water level mechanical arrangement will be provided

Automatic Grade

Semi-Automatic, Automatic


80KG, 160KG, 320KG AND 640KG




Single batch duration is about 60 to 70 minute