Food Sequential Numbering Machine

Food Sequential Numbering Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9801050

Categories: Bottle Filling and Batch Coding Machinery

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Food Sequential Numbering Machine

Color    Black
Grade    Industrial
Voltage (Volt)    220 V
Size    12X19X8 cm & 30X19X60 cm with stand
Weight    3 Kgs for machine & 15 Kgs with stand
Impression    Appx. 90 million char. of 2 mm per lit. of ink
Print distance    Max. 5 mm Down or in Front

Sequential Numbering Machine which is ideal for On-Line High Speed Coding on packaging machines or bottles moving on conveyor or Winder / Rewinder systems. The 1 to 8 line message to be printed is easily composed on its Colored Touch Screen Graphic display with a combination of small, medium or large characters along with LOGOs, Objects & Scannable Bar Codes. The Inking system consists of disposable pre-mix ink cartridge using fast drying & indelible solvent-based inks (for porous and non-porous surfaces) which are push fitted into its slot to immediately start printing.


  • Stainless steel rugged construction. All machine stands, product sensor with stand, print head stand included with the system. Connection to print head via 2 m flexible cable. The print module is well protected & insulated in the Stainless steel tubular print head
  • Graphic 8.4” WYSIWYG Colored backlit liquid crystal Touch Screen Display with Real time clock and calendar, expiry date, Scannable Bar Codes, LOGOs, Serial nos. (Counter), with 9 levels of Bolderisation, message reverse or invert print & storage of 256 messages of 1 to 8 lines each of 120 characters per line with facility for password lock
  • Push fit disposable solvent / oil based pre-mix ink cartridge for ease of use. Uses Ethyl alcohol based simple inks that do not require any mixing or viscosity adjustments
  • Latest technology high speed 128 nozzle, 18 mm XAAR Piezo-jet print head which is very high resolution & gives very high quality of print
  • Instant startup within 1 minute for the first print & instant shutdown within 1 minute with print head cleaning. Other printers require upto 30 minutes for each of the procedures & require a trained engineer
  • The system is PC linkable via the USB or Wi-Fi for downloading of Logos, Fonts, data, etc. using Remote Manager or Flexicode software
Supply Voltage 90 to 220 Vac ± 10%, 50/60 Hz, 50 VA
Operating Range 0 to 45 deg. C, 10 – 90% RH non-condensing.
Printing Area 8 lines of 120 char each from 1 to 18 mm high.
Printing Speed Max. 65 Meters / min. for 1 to 8 line printing.
Prints using Piezo-electric print head for spraying ink.
Print Distance Max. 5 mm Down or in Front.
Inking Medium Disposable pre-mix ink cartridge
Printing Medium Solvent based inks (black, blue, white*, etc.)
Ink Drying Time Min. 10 seconds on plastic, metal & laminates.
Impressions Appx. 90 million char. of 2 mm per lit. of ink.
Dimensions 12X19X8 cm & 30X19X60 cm with stand.
Weight 3 Kgs for machine & 15 Kgs with stand