Food Portable Induction Sealer

Food Portable Induction Sealer

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9701020

Categories: Strapping and Sealing Machine

Tags: Food Portable Induction Sealer


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Food Portable Induction Sealer

Capacity    Variable
Voltage    180
Power    220
Weight    5 kg
Sealing Size    20 - 100 mm
Automation Grade    Manual
Cap Size    20 to 100 mm
Sealing Speed    Fixed
Cycle Time    .3
Condition    New


This is a portable hand sealing machine for capping Aluminum Foil Seals on all types of BOTTLES, including: PP, HOPE, LOPE, Glass Bottles, jars, Pet jars &Containers, Liquid Cans, Plastic Cups the advantage of this machine is that there is NO SURFACE HEAT transfer for

Sealing the caps.the machine seals b1 Electromagnetic Inductive waves. Simply by holding the capper over the bottle/jar, the cap gets sealed. Sealing power 500W.Diameter 20X100mm Sealing Tank 1.5 Sec.Task Frequency 100 KHz.