Food Pipe Printing Machines

Food Pipe Printing Machines

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9801088

Categories: Bottle Filling and Batch Coding Machinery

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Food Pipe Printing Machines

Usage/Application    Online Pipe Print
Automation Grade    Automatic
Color Printing    Yes
Frequency    0.5 Meter to 25 Meters
Machine Type    Automatic
Voltage    230 Vac
Country of Origin    Made in China
Type    Automatic

Motorized On-line Pipe Coder is a compact, fully automatic PLC based printer for 1 to 4 lines printing of ISI mark, Mfg. Dt., Company Name, Logos, etc. on all types of rigid or soft type PVC / Polyethylene / HDPE / PV pipes tubes, etc. of diameter 20 mm to 200 mm during extrusion process. The message to be printed is very easily composed by just sticking the low-cost rubber / nylon stereos (easily changeable) on to the print wheel. The inking is in the form of rechargeable cartridge, so colour of printing can be changed easily by changing cartridge. The PLC has a bright LED display to set the printing repeat from 0.5 Meter to 25 Meters. It also displays the length of pipe extruded, no. of prints that have taken place the linear speed of extrusion in meters / min. Also, a production length can be set it can give an alarm relay signal after the preset length of pipe has been extruded. (Free accessories include 1 Lit. Blue Ink, 1 Lit. Solvent, 6 mm Flat Rubber Character Set, Double Sided Tape Ink Cartridge). These coders are ideal for Automatic On-Line Coding on various types of tubes pipes during their extrusion process or as off-line printers also for manual printing.

Provision in the above Pipe Printer for continuous Coloured LINE from the bottom with Company Name Data from the top.