Food Mixing Tank

Food Mixing Tank

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M8701008

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Food Mixing Tank

It can be used as all kinds of rearrangement tank, material mixing tank in dairy industry.

1. Volume: 50L~50000L series specifications.
2. Inner tank body: mirror polishing of inner surface (roughness Ra≤0.4μm).
3. Head form: It adopts a conical head, an elliptical head or a dish-shaped head, and the inner surface is mirror-polished (roughness Ra≤0.4μm).
4, jacket form: full jacket, half disc tube jacket, honeycomb jacket.
5, insulation materials: filled with pearl cotton, rock wool or polyurethane casting foam.
6, the surface treatment of the outer shell: mirror polished or 2B primary color matt or 2B matte surface matt treatment.
7. Stirring device: stirring in the top (bias) or side stirring; stirring paddle form: frame type, anchor type, propulsion type, paddle type, turbine type, etc.
8, stirring speed: 10 ~ 120r / min (fixed speed) or configuration stepless speed regulation and frequency control.
9. Level gauge form: glass tube level gauge, static pressure sensing level gauge, ultrasonic level gauge, RF capacitive level gauge, etc.
10, the foot form: triangular pyramid type, round tube type.
11. Equipment configuration: quick opening manhole, sight glass, thermometer (liquid crystal digital display or dial pointer type), sampling port, air breathing apparatus, CIP cleaner, liquid inlet and outlet, spare port, pH meter port, cold Import and export of heat media.
12. Material: inner tank  jacket is Q235-B or SUS304, outer protective casing is SUS304.
13. Each process inlet and outlet, sight glass, manhole and other process openings and the inner tank welding are all made of flanging process arc transition, smooth and easy to clean without dead angle, beautiful appearance.
14, container sterilization: online steam sterilization (121 ° C, 0.1 MPa).