Food Metal Printing Machine

Food Metal Printing Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9801008

Categories: Bottle Filling and Batch Coding Machinery

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Food Metal Printing Machine

Display    2 digit LED display
Message Capacity    16 memory location
Printing Speed    Max. 40 meters/min for 1 to 2 line printing
Print Distance    Max. 25 mm from substrate
Inking Medium    150 cc ink in Cartridge form
Ink Drying Time    Min. 10 seconds on plastics & laminate
Supply Voltage    12 V +/- 5%
Dimension    212 x 135 x 120 mm
Weight    1.5 Kg +/- 10 g including full ink cartridge & battery
Input Device    Bluetooth Communication with Computer Software
Printable Image    Alphanumeric,Logo,Date/Time,Counter,etc
Printing Area    1 to 2 lines of 120 char. each
Printing Matrix    5 X 5,5 X 7,10 X 10,10 X 16,16 X 16

Metal Printing Machine which is a Zero Maintenance, Battery Powered TWO line (character height 20 to 50 mm) Printer & can be used on Porous / Non-Porous products to print containers, etc. It is an ultra-compact portable and light inkjet printer equipped with a print-head with electromagnetic valves. It is battery operated and Bluetooth controlled & is fully programmable through PC with user-friendly software where it can print 2 lines Data & all Computer Fonts (local languages) at a very low price. It is also capable of printing Multi-Segment messages.

The system is inclusive of below-mentioned accessories worth Rs. 30,000/- free of cost:
a. Molded Carry Case with moulded slots for printer & accessories.
b. Rechargeable Batteries, Bluetooth Adapter for PC, Computer Software.
c. 1 No. Pre-mix ink cartridge, 1 No. Solvent Cartridge.
d. Operator Tool Kit, Operation & Maintenance Manual, Instruction Video CD.
This printer is fully Electronic & does not have any viscosity control unit, filters, etc. & so there is no maintenance required (No AMC). It does not require separate makeup or wash solution as everything is included in the ink cartridges making it very user-friendly for the Operator.