Food Jar Filling Machine

Food Jar Filling Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9701042

Categories: Strapping and Sealing Machine

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Food Jar Filling Machine

Capacity    0-500 pouch per hour
Driven Type    Electric
Filling System    Fully Automatic
Material    Stainless Steel
Packaging Type    Filling
Power Consumption    Single Phase
Usage/Application    Industrial
Machine Type    Semi-Automatic
Phase    Singhle Phase

The augur filler machine finds use in many industries such as chemical, food, medicine and other types of industries. These machines are used for filling powder products. It is available in both automatic and semi-automatic varieties. The hardware industry also uses it for various purposes. The collar type machines are very durable and have a strong and rugged built. The design and construction are compact. The operation is easy and simple. The stainless steel machine has a very low maintenance that makes it convenient to use with a long service life. Get the auger filler machine from Ashvani Packaging machines at the most affordable rates. Pouches of different lengths can be used with the machine. The machine cuts and seals the pouches in a very accurate and precise manner to prevent errors and mistakes. The coaster wheels help in moving the filler machine from one place to the other with ease.