Food Hand Held Ink Jet Printer

Food Hand Held Ink Jet Printer

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9701007

Categories: Strapping and Sealing Machine

Tags: Food Hand Held Ink Jet Printer


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Food Hand Held Ink Jet Printer

Output Type    Color
Color Output    Black
Capacity    Veriable
Type    Multicolour
Max Print Resolution    12 mm
Print Speed    veriable
Printing Technology    Inkjet
Brand/Make    HP
Color Type    Multicolour
Compatible Operating Systems    Manual operating
Dimension    10' x 10"
Dimensions    10" x 10"
Voltage    AC220V
Number Of Key    2 - 25 mm
Color    Black
Connectivity Type    Sweech
Frequency    50 Hz
Power    70W
Printing Line    1-8

Industrial Handheld Non contact Ink jet printer - which is a battery powered zero maintenance. 300 dpi, Six/Twelve line (character height 1 to 12.7 / 25.4 mm) printer & can be used to print B.No.,Exp.Date,Serial No.,Logos,1D/2D Scannable Veriable Bar Codes,etc. on labels,cartons,pouches,etc.