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Food Fully Automatic Shrink Labeling Machine

Food Fully Automatic Shrink Labeling Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9601040

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Food Fully Automatic Shrink Labeling Machine

Automation Grade    Automatic
Material    S.S 304/ M.S.
Speed    100-250 BPM
Power Source    3 Phase
Frequency    50 Hz
Height of Conveyor    860-910 mm
Output Per Hour    2400 to 6000
Power    1.5 HP
Voltage    415 V

To locate the perfect jug filler for any packager the particular and one of a kind need of the current venture must be broke down. Is the item being filled a slender, free-streaming item. On the other hand is it a thicker, exceedingly gooey item. Some bundling undertakings may need to fill both sorts of item. The item thickness or viscosities will for the most part prompt the right filling standard, be it flood, gravity, cylinder or pump, however there will be exemptions to the general principle.

Silent Features :

  • S.S. 304 construction including machine frame.
  • High quality electric heating elements to focus heat.
  • High speed convection blowers.
  • Safe – Double shell design keeps outer temperatures of machine cooler.
  • Energy saving insulation with cool to touch panels.
  • Two independently controlled heating zones.

 Optional Features :

  • Access doors to adjust heat patterns while in operation.
  • Variable speed adjustable convection blowers

 *Depends on container and label size.

Specification  can be altered as per customer specific requirement.