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Food Fully Automatic Cashew Processing Plant

Food Fully Automatic Cashew Processing Plant


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Food Fully Automatic Cashew Processing Plant

fully automatic cashew processing plant Capacity 100 kg to 5000kg cashew kernel production plant available. We take care complete set up of your project as well as we support in buying RCN and training your skill and unskill labours. We also provide labour team in your factory.

We are a main name in the field of exactness outlining and development of Cashew process plants. These mechanical procedure plants are guarantees to give finish security amid each and every phase of operations and permit safe preparing of each piece as 'entire' and not part/breaking it. The machines depend on process where cashews are first sent for steaming strategy took after by expulsion of piece from the shell. At that point, the cashews are go through drying process which is trailed by peeling off of testa, reviewing of pieces and their getting pressed.

The related procedure plants utilized as a part of cashew preparing incorporate Cashew Cooking Machine (Boiler), Cashew Shelling Machine, Cashew Dryer, Tin Packing Machine and Pouch Filling/Sealing Machine. Here, our ability lies in planning and assembling an exhaustive scope of cashew handling machines according to worldwide principles that additionally convey high return in preparing of cashews, minimal effort of support and also control utilization in the included handling operations.

Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic, Automatic
Capacity 100 To 5000kg Capacity
Design Standard, Customized
Type of Machines Cashew Processing Machines
Power(KW) 10
Power Consumption 5 to 50hp