Food Carton Strapping Machine

Food Carton Strapping Machine

Product Code: MACHEQ-F-M9801043

Categories: Bottle Filling and Batch Coding Machinery

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Food Carton Strapping Machine

Power Supply    230 Vac
Capacity    20 per minute
Weight    100 Kg
Power Source    230 Vac
Phase    Single
Strapping Speed    2 per second
Voltage    230 Vac

Carton Strapping Machine is suitable for strapping cartons of various heights very quickly without the need for bothersome strapping tools & metal seals.

When you place the carton on the table & pass the strap around it, the strap self-tightens, cuts & seals onto the carton automatically & is ready for the next carton.


  • Simple Operation: Ergonomically designed control panel for easy operation. Strap at quick speed and with high efficiency. Only takes 1.5 seconds for strapping one polypropylene (PP) strap
  • Quick Heating: Instant-heating systems, low voltage of 1 V., high safety and will be in best strapping state in 5 seconds after you start the machine
  • Engine: Robust and Precise Construction of engine requires easy and simple routine maintenance to ensure longer life
  • Energy Saving: Designed to cut off after 1 minute when not in use - prolongs motor life and is energy efficient.
  • Wide Range of Strap Width Selection: Simple adjustable strap guide to accommodate strap width from 6 mm to 15 mm
  • Variable and Consistent Tension: Tension can be easily adjusted from low to high by a simple knurled nut.
  • Electromagnetic clutch, quick and smooth. Coupled - Axle Transmission, Quick Speed, low noise, low wear and tear, hence maintenance free
  • Powder Coated body & parts, Stainless Steel tabletop. All electrical components like timer, solenoid, micro switch etc. of best quality
  • Lift type top cover allows convenient maintenance
Strapping Tension 5 – 90 Kg
Strapping Speed 2 sec/strap
Strap Width 6 – 15 mm
Power Supply 380 VAc, 3 Ph
Consumption 0.85 KVA
Machine Size 141X60X154 cm
Machine Weight 250 Kg