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Food Aseptic Brick Carton Aseptic Filling Machine for 100ml - 330ml

Food Aseptic Brick Carton Aseptic Filling Machine for 100ml - 330ml


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Food Aseptic Brick Carton Aseptic Filling Machine for 100ml - 330ml

The machine applies to fill milk, fruit juice, coffee, tea drinks, plant protein drinks, wine and a variety of non-carbonated drinks into aseptic cartons, auto-complete feeding, sterilization, filling, forming, packaging in the form of paper aluminum composite cartons to keep long shelf life for safe, fresh, and flavorful without refrigeration or preservatives. The machine uses all stainless steel materials, core components such as the electrical system, pneumatic system, filter screen, and electric control system are carefully selected from well-known branded suppliers in Europe, America and Japan. It is fully automatic controlled by PLC, real human and machine communication through touch screen with different language version. The machine has complete safety guarantee system, got CE certificate, has complete quality control system with complete failure detection system, all the fault can be detected by our machine PLC system, and show the problem solving method on the touch screen. The machine has very high filling accuracy, filing accuracy is only ±1.5%. It’s designed with features of simple structure, smooth and efficient operation, easy maintenance, highest possible output, lowest possible operation cost and high food safety. All the machine parts have undergone rigorous testing to bring the performance to an advanced level. Innovative design, high quality components and thorough testing ensures stable and dependable performance at customers site worldwide for dairy, juice beverage and other non-carbonated drinks production.


Aseptic brick filling machine


7500 packs per hour

Filling Volume

100 ml, 125 ml, 160 ml, 200 ml, 220 ml, 250 ml,




2200 mm (W) × 3500 mm (H)


5000 kg


380V±10 %( 3φ) 50/60Hz


35 KW

Air consumption

500±100 L/Min( 0.6~0.7 MPa);Connect: Thread 1/2"

Tap water consumption

15 L/M( 0.3~0.45 Mpa;≤ 20℃ );Thread 1/2"

Steam consumption

4.5 kg/H(130 ± 5 ℃、0.17± 0.03 Mpa);Connect:DN25

H2O2 consumption

0.6~ 1.0 L/H(30~50 %)

Control system


Discharge conveyor


Filling temperature


Filling Numbers


Packaging forms

paper - aluminum composite bricks aseptic brick shape

Sterile package shelf life

the paper aluminum composite film, under normal temperature 25 ℃ ~ 30 ℃,Shelf life is 6 months or more

Access to the air pressure

0.8 Mpa